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Old Comments:

2008-06-08 15:46:07
The relative positions of the oar and its reflection put it on the same plane as the pebbles on the left....but I could be wrong!
2008-06-07 21:00:34
Uh Oh...I forgot..I said I was gonna give up on this one....sorry
2008-06-07 20:28:00
Bullshit...the plane of the water on the inside of the boat is the same as the ribs on that side of the those ribs look as if they are on the same plane as the lake water? pretty obviously not...
2008-06-07 20:19:21
The plane of the water is the same - it is just a trick of light shadow and reflection that makes it look like its not.
2008-06-07 06:29:10
photo by Maciej Duczynski:
2008-06-07 05:36:27
Okay...I give up...
2008-06-07 05:26:15
Very good imitation of Popolov, Patito!
2008-06-07 04:02:30
Look carefully at the plane of the water on the lake...look carefully at the plane of the water in the boat..they are not the same..this is a physical impossibility...someone has shopped the boat into this scene, and the boat, when photographed, would have had to be at a much more acute angle of tilt, almost on its side..I'm sorta surprised you guys can't see what is a fairly glaring inconsistency..
2008-06-07 03:17:41
This is Norway?
2008-06-07 03:15:06
you're off patito. there's nothing wrong with this photo except that it's part of the duplicate situation growing out of control.
2008-06-07 02:52:50
Look at the plane of the surface of the lake..then look at the plane of the surface of the water in the they look like the same plane ? I own about seven boats..I can tell when a boat is tilted .....are you OK ?
2008-06-07 01:50:09
The boat is obviously tilted. Are you OK?
2008-06-06 23:00:56
That's a neat do they get the water to stay up on the inside of the boat like that ?