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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-10-22 11:22:04
It is also called 'forest pansy'. Funny name for this type of flower, but anyway, that's the name for it.. :)
2009-06-06 00:06:58
I meant to say judas not joshua, oops!! did I mention I had just woke up?
2009-06-05 22:38:43
Spot on, Patito! Thanks! Judas-tree is Cercis siliquastrum... very similar, but it grows on my side of the world.
2009-06-05 22:34:06
Joshua tree is a Yucca Palm, which this one definitely is not. No matter, I just curious, that's all... ;-)
2009-06-05 22:33:59
Believe that's a Redbud ( Cercis canadensis), sometimes called Eastern Redbud... it's a legume, fairly common in the south, and one of the very first trees to bloom in the early spring..color varies from pink to purple..some old folks used to call it the Judas tree...
2009-06-05 22:11:07
Thanks, I have another similar pic by the same photographer, with purple flowers and it says Joshua tree.
2009-06-05 17:32:16
Odd how the blossoms grow directly from the thick brances as opposed to among the leaves... did the source say what tree this is? - Charming pic, Skip!