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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2009-02-25 07:26:37
She's gorgeous. I wish everyone could look gorgeous.
2009-02-25 07:24:23
2009-01-28 04:26:39
Poor sick, pathtic the way, you might want to learn to spell schizophreneic...make you sound a little less stupid...
2009-01-28 03:19:33
So, not just pathetic and gutless, but a pud-fondling pervert...not surprising...I believe you when you say you know about sad..
2009-01-28 03:04:34
Looks like the slimey little name-stealing troll has slithered out from under the rock where he lives...what a pathetic, gutless little worm he must life, no heart, no courage, no identity..very sad...
2009-01-27 14:02:51
Would LOVE to stick it in that face!
2008-11-15 17:03:54
magnifique portrait d'une jolie petite fille ..bonne journée.
2008-10-11 17:36:21
What a face! It looks like an old photo. I wonder if she is still alive? Be great to see shots at 10 yr intervals.