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2009-08-07 07:34:30
I agree with you that the photographer should get credit but I think some people don't name the author, because when they do the photographers are able to search the sites where their pics have been posted and then they harass the person posting the pic, calling it stealing often threatening them, even though the authors name is clearly listed. Also it seems to me that if your name is credited it would be a benifit to you to have your pictures seen in as many places as possible. and another question I have for photographers is why would you post a picture on the internet and not block it from being downloaded if you did not want people to see it and enjoy it? I would think the internet is the last place you would put somthing if you want to keep it private.
2009-08-07 02:32:29
Without naming the true author is as good as stealing an image
2008-11-27 14:48:50
All dressed up for Carnival.
2008-11-27 01:52:36
AlecEe, he did not 'steal' it! He borrowed it for its beauty to show others that they may enjoy it as well. You should be proud that he did so. Although it must be said that it would have been respectful of him to name its author. I had a look at your portfolio on the above site and congratulate you on the variety and quality.
2008-11-26 21:31:28
Eibar, you just stole my photo without permission.