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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2010-09-23 05:56:25
Who says that AppleBlossom is a female?
2010-09-23 02:33:12
Larry, you were here a day before CrystalM. Did you come up with the identification of the bird? No, you did not. You, Patito and I were all incapable of identifying the bird. Join the club, larry boy. You are all about tearing down and you could not build even a chickenhouse.
2010-09-23 02:25:45
Thanks, CrystalM! :)
2010-09-23 02:24:53
So, larry, you have decided to continue writing your negative comments. Your sympathy is misplaced, so start seeking a more deserving target. You said to Patito under my iceberg picture that “Of course you used to consider me a friend as well, but alas no more.” IF Patito used to be a friend of yours, what caused that friendship to end, I wonder? Judging by the tone of your comments, and the fact that you chose to involve me in your attack when I have nothing to do with whatever happened between you and Patito, tells me a great deal. It is glaringly obvious that that your motive for attacking Patito is sour grapes. Get over it, and move on, or else come out in your real name and tell us the whole story.
2010-09-17 18:26:48
Thanks CrystalM for identifying the bird, something that neither AppleBlossom nor patito was capable of doing.
2010-09-17 18:24:25
Ah patito, such nice remarks you make. For your information, I have posted far more photos than your friend Appleblossom, but under a different name. And yes, I am smart enough not to give you that name as you would then have these photos either voted way down or removed from Pixdaus or both. And it is a fact that you have done this to others. As for high-quality photos, who other than you regards all of these photos of tea cups, goats and coffee as such high quality. A few of them, as a touch of humour, would be acceptable but you go way too far, especially when you upvote these photos with cheater votes. I am sorry that I am a bit late in reply to your last barb, however, I don't spend my entire life living on Pixdaus as you apparently do.
2010-09-17 03:39:05
Nice hoopoe photo...
2010-09-17 03:34:47
Nice hoopoe photo...
2010-09-16 23:16:27
In addition to being a sanctimonius asshole, a worthless non-contributing drone, and an all-around jerk, Larry, you are a lying bastard. I said I considered Appleblossom a friend. I did not use the term 'great' or 'personal,' though I do have very high regard for him, since unlike you and others like you, he actually posts photos, and high-quality photos at that. Are you as big a creep in your real life as you are here, Larry ?
2010-09-16 18:28:41
So Appleblossom, patito proclaims you to be his great personal friend. You have my sympathy.