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Posted By:Gripweed

Old Comments:

2008-09-03 01:29:05
We shall not go to Camelot; 'tis a silly place.
2008-07-19 12:51:34
That is not a coconut but tallow mixed with sunflower seeds. There's no way the bird could fly with such a heavy load... The bird is a Great Tit (Parus major) and it weighs about 18 g.
2008-07-19 04:36:32
Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?
2008-07-16 07:51:03
A 5 ounce bird could not carry a 2 pound coconut! =)
2008-07-16 06:18:26
The bird could not carry such a weight. It has been nicely Photoshopped.
2008-07-16 04:35:50
it is neither an African or European swallow, it is more likely a chickadee, and i think it would make more sense if two birds carried it together on a strand of creeper held under the dorsal guiding feathers. Just the opinion of one man.
2008-07-16 02:56:40
It's not a question of how he grips it.
2008-07-16 00:59:14
ha ha.
2008-07-15 22:27:21
Is that an African or European swallow?