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Posted By:HALEX

Old Comments:

2009-02-22 10:50:27
I agree with opinionīs people above. I think is very important to know the name or origin of the flowers, birds, landscapes etc.
2009-02-22 00:50:13
"I wish posters would identify their landscapes, animals, and other features" says Vance. - If only we posters would have so much time on our hands that we could do searches on the Internet to find out the names of the fauna etc in the pictures we post! We are not employed by Pixdaus, we do not get paid for what we do, and it is NOT reasonable to demand that we give the viewers more info than actually comes with the pictures as we find them. I supply the info that is available at the source, and that is ALL any of us can be expected to do. However, I do add new info now and then, especially on pics of flora and fauna but only because they happen to be my special interest area and I know quite a bit about them, anyway, without having to do searches. Sometimes I feel that the viewers demand too much of us and are quick to point out any faults but slow to say thank you for a job well done.
2009-02-22 00:14:45
An oft-repeated sentiment, V ....of course, I'd rather see a good bird photo without any I.D. than not see it at all, but knowing its name and where it lives would add a lot to the interest and enjoyment...
2009-02-22 00:02:03
This appears to be one of the robin chats, but I can't identify it to the species level. I wish posters would identify their landscapes, animals, and other features so that we know what we are looking at.