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Old Comments:

2009-01-18 15:54:06
This is malice, poda mottai!Comic Book Guy is one of the best posters on this what if he want the viewers to see his other pictures too?At least he is making publicity to his pictures on his own images..not like one poster..let's do not give names..who was making publicity to his pictures on others posters images...
2009-01-17 22:36:11
Leave CBG alone..he posts better than average photos, sometimes even great's because of people like him that this site exists for you to many photos have YOU posted, Poda?
2009-01-17 20:25:05
Perhaps YOU know it. But the experience had shown, that pictures only will be recognized when they appear in the Popular-Section (because the Popular-page is the first which newcomer will see when they arrive at Pixdaus). And I want more people to see my pics! What's wrong with that? You can do it also if you like! (Even Pixdaus is doing that: look straight above this pic for example) That's really a PROBLEM for you?? (Can't believe it!) Than just close your eyes. btw.: it's not PROPAGANDA, it's only PUBLICITY! ;-)
2009-01-17 19:32:59
we know very well that if we click on someone's name we could get to see more of their pictures.So please stop your propaganda Comic Book Guy