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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-01-17 23:33:35
Thank you, patito, it's nice when someone appreciates what you do because it takes time to include these things. I have been impressed with other people here, like lilly, cohise, connie, and poppy, who even include stories or full descriptions with the pics. On the other hand, I agree that it does not always seem necessary to include a tag, like a picture of a pretty woman or a dog, everyone knows what it is, and the names and descriptions are not always there with the photo. I think it's good to include the photographers name, if you have it, but sometimes I'm tempted not to, I will have a pic of Mount Rainier and it will say... by ducky wucky, haha! or a picture of the eiffel tower will say, by Bob's uncles friend joe! Then I start thinking people will vote it down just for the ridiculuos name! One more thing, I don't think one person like WitchGirl should be picked on for not including a name when many of the top poster's here have not included names or locations, or even wrote anything at all under their pics.
2009-01-17 22:49:16
This is a great example of a useful tag..Skip has gone to the trouble to not only identify the bird but tell us where it's from...excellent job and a great wildlife photo. Thanks.