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Posted By:hannity

Old Comments:

2009-03-16 07:15:55
I'm reading that book now to! He's a very good writer.
2009-03-16 00:23:33
My father always used to say that if the Devil cannot keep you in one extreme it will swing you to another. Which very aptly describes the extreme left and the extreme right in politics, also. The biggest trouble with extremists is their unwillingness to listen to or understand the views of others while trying to forcibly ram their own views down everybody else's throat. - I just finished reading Obama's "Audacity of Hope" and it has given insight into the daily 'workings' of US politics. Instead of looking for things that separate people (in politics), he is searching for things that they could agree upon, and then start building from there. I am going to read the book again, for the reason that I so greatly enjoyed his exceptionally good English...
2009-03-15 06:55:56
No, Abe,that isn't what I did. I didn't compare any of the other people with whom I disagree, and there are lots of them, to Hitler. I compared Lush Rimjob to Hitler. But his actual resemblance to Hitler is superficial..Lysh is his own peculiar kind of fascist. There are many strains of that odious social diseae, but they share in common a disdain and contempt for any opinions other than one's own. Lush Rimjob doesn't just disagree with liberals the way I often disgree with my conservatives friends and family members. He despises them. He denies and rejects the basic respect for the opposition that is crucial for democracy. That's fascism. To be so utterly convinced of the rightousness of your cause that you de-legitimize any other veiw.
2009-03-15 06:39:17
And Patito didn't even curse. [see below] But he did go to a Liberal favorite though. "Compare everybody who disagrees with you to the Nazis and Hitler" As far as my advice goes. I later saw the lotto billboard pic and it did not have the bottom rail [in it's original format] either. So I jumped the gun on that one.
2009-03-15 06:18:14
When I saw your Obama billboard post I decided I might as well try one also. I guess it was a success in that it got you to comment on it! Thanks for the photo tip.
2009-03-15 04:32:54
I watched a tape of Lush addressing the CPAC folks ...his gestures and delivery reminded me of no one more than Adolph Hitler, although physically he more closely resembles Hermann Goering...hearing him speak I often think of the line from Yeats.."the worst are full of passionate intensity"
2009-03-15 01:53:17
For someone who's so "Irrelevant" people sure spend a lot of time talking about him. The White House has special meetings on how to handle him. Far left groups have been conducting daily conference calls to discuss how to attack him. The mere mention of his name causes Patito to use curse words in his comments. You spent time on collecting pics of Rush, Arny and a billboard then put them all together to make one pic so you could post it here on Pixdaus. I'm not sure you know what the definition of irrelevant is. Also next time you work with a billboard try to leave the bottom rail of the sign showing the name of the sign company. It'll make it more realistic.