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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2009-06-04 09:34:22
wow she is so pretty, but is her face just photoshopped on someone else's body? look at the hand...and hair that long doesnt grow that fast
2009-05-02 21:02:56
amazing... its real but looks like a doll. great work.
2008-08-08 10:28:44
That's the hand of an adult holding the Super Big GulpÂȘ drink
2008-08-07 12:31:20
Barbie almost came to life..
2008-07-05 12:08:56
Plastic girl with a plastic cup?
2008-04-28 22:14:35
VERY strange and interesting image! what the hell is going on here? she looks like a doll. i'm not even sure if she's not a doll. and what's with the Big Gulp? and the crazy weird hair. this is a very intriguing picture, thanks poster.