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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2008-11-06 07:49:23
Surely no one could use the term "rustic" for Betty Boop, but it was used in the post in regards to the vintage style of the photo: "...difference between photoshopped rustic and the real antique".
2008-11-06 00:10:24
"Urban hot momma" Betty Boop could never be called rustic no matter how much the English language changed. ;-) Someone very dear to me once said: "It's a living language!" so of course nothing is static in language (or anything else, for that matter). To my disappointment, there is very little 'good' English language on Pixdaus, but what there is, has been a joy to read.
2008-11-05 21:54:55
That is absolutely correct, Squeezer. Anyone with even a passing acquaintance with the etymological origins of many common English words could probably cite numerous examples. And perhaps the term "rustic" has, in modern usage, come to denote or connote the apprearance of age or antiquity. I wouldn't know if it had, however, since I am but an humble rustic toiling in my vinyard and tending my master's flocks upon the hillsides.
2008-11-05 21:36:53
The meanings of words change through common usage. Eventually new definitions will be included when the new meaning is used broadly enough. Many words meanings bear little resemblance to how each began. Languages are dynamic and grow and change with every generation.
2008-11-05 21:22:48
The term "rustic" denotes persons or things rural and/or countrified, and has nothing to do with age, the appearance of age, or status of antiquity. The word is derived from the French "rustique," and ultimately from the Latin "rusticus," which meant "of, or belonging to the land or countryside." Betty Boop, on the other hand, is ( or was ) the epitome of the hip, chic, urban hot momma of her day and time, and could in no way, shape, or form possibly be construed as "rustic," unless by someone ignorant of the actual definition of that word.
2008-11-05 20:48:25
Another one-comment wonder creeping out of the woodwork just to rain on someone's parade. How about a ray of sunshine once in a while? Hmm?
2008-11-05 15:27:51
LOL! This picture was taken within the last three years. Guess you can't tell the difference between photoshopped rustic and the real antique. No kidding they wanted her to look like Betty Boop! LOL
2008-11-05 09:38:04
That's true, and I didn't even notice it untill you pointed it out, thanks poppy, All I noticed was how much she looked like the cartoon "Betty Boop"
2008-11-05 09:31:17
I like this pin-up lady. I guess this was considered quite risqué in her time. Note how she has the backs of her hands on her hips, not a usual pose. How times have changed! ;-)