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Posted By:dwarf

Old Comments:

2008-10-26 18:37:17
Couldn't agree more. People need a huge reality check.
2008-08-14 19:14:41
Damn good advice, Joe !
2008-08-14 14:00:48
Absolutely dead on! When you are critical, you find no one meets your "standards" and you're surrounded by ugly people. But if you take just an extra second to look at a woman like this, you will see beauty that is missing from airbrushed magazine pictures. Your life will be enriched. Try being as polite and as generous and as engaged with everyone you meet as you can be, and you'll be surrounded by beautiful people . . . like this wonderful woman.
2008-06-12 03:34:59
true! thats why i said, that people are being blinded
2008-05-28 22:15:58
very funny comment. Thank You
2008-05-26 02:57:54
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Kallendrisser!
2008-05-25 18:24:08
real life beautiful woman (not photoshopped) in normal situation and its voted down... internet and television is blinding you people... so sad. that woman up there is georgious and if youd be sitting on the same bus with her, you couldnt take your eyes off of her...