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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-05-03 04:37:04
All right Skip. It’s ok. I reduce it to a misunderstanding. Incident is closed. No further comments. I don’t feel the need to make a whole speech (neither I’ve the time). Anyway kind regards.
2009-05-02 05:20:52
Cohise, I was not talking to you, in the last part of what I wrote. I was too lazy to go looking for the pictures where the other person who says Omg alot had written smart assed remarks about the people I mentioned. I did notice that you had used Omg too, and I thought it was possible you might think I meant you,,, but I tried to avoid that by saying.. "to the new person" I was not trying to give you a lecture,,, or make it sound like I'm so moral and good,,, I'm not,,, all I am is a person who enjoyed finding pictures and looking at pictures here,,, and I thought it was fun to talk to people here too. but people will always judge you (not you, but everyone, me included) for the things you write on here, and it is so easy to be misunderstood in writing, you can't talk things out like in real life, that was my whole point. You can think whatever you want of me.
2009-05-01 04:17:45
PS: By the way, “You never give straight information and make everything into a guessing game.” That’s odd. I’ve already heard something like that before. Well, never mind ?
2009-05-01 04:06:35
Hahahaa, OMG. You can’t read between the lines, is it Poppy ? Never thought it could be so extreme ! It’s clear: much salon-knowledge but unfortunately your IQ (and the rest) isn’t on the same level. No, sorry, you aren’t an able-bodied sparring partner. I don’t say any more, not only because comments disappear, neither for a few other reasons, but principally because it isn’t worth: it’s still hopeless. By the way, why are you angry with me ? I’m not angry with you. You have also some qualities (!!??). I just tell you frankly my opinion (as Skip did & I did in a reply). Perhaps a little rude or so .... in short, your style. And perhaps a little too subtle for you. After all, once the more we see: people don’t like hypocrite persons, they prefer frankly persons. And that’s true yes, in words surely, but in action ??? Perhaps you have one excuse, you can still say: “all that I told was only mild irony.” ;-)
2009-05-01 02:42:21
Cohise, you're round the bend. You say: "Or is it Poppy who send you to see how the land lies?" Skip is totally her own person and acts on her own without any 'prompting' from anyone. She has insights and intelligence well beyond your feeble knowledge of people. She is lightyears ahead of you. You mean the train model pic was the start of your hatred of me? How ridiculous. Just Sayin said the train was a model and I asked why he thought so.... what is wrong with that? - You are a person of unreasonable and weird trains of thought and you carry 'slights' to the extreme. GROW UP. - You never give straight information and make everything into a guessing game. How juvenile is that? Again, GROW UP, cohise.
2009-05-01 02:18:34
PS: The original answer is on the following page: (). And by the way, a correction: “recently commented” of course, instead of “recently comments”. Greetings again
2009-05-01 02:03:33
SKIP: You do it because you always have, you started being friendly with connie, but I guess you were playing games because all the sudden you turned on her and accused her of being more than one person, now you are doing it with poppy and I'm sure you think she is connie also, and I think she answered you back sarcastic, because you are very sarcastic with your accusations and each time you have come on my pics sounding somewhat friendly I answer you,,, and get no reply,, that seems to be your game, to start out friendly and then turn on people, Just because you get it in your mind, that they are all the same person,,, then you have to be right...right? I'm sure you will think I'm some other people now too, but I don't care, you always say it ends here, but it never ends with you. COHISE: Well Skip, why that panic reaction ? Are you thinking you are the following on the list ? Trying to checkmate me, yet before the game has started ? I hope you are not becoming paranoid. Or is it Poppy who send you to see how the land lies ? Well now to the point: your thesis is plausible but in this case, it’s completely wrong. I have seen better analyses of you but this one …, forget it. And of course, I’m not going to review it word by word. And so, thinking that Poppy and Connie are one and the same person ? Hahahaa, where did you get it ? That’s the last thing that would be in my mind. Moreover, I’ve never said so, neither did I make allusion … No no, forget it as well. By the way: I don’t even think that all these persons who are playing for “bug” are one and the same person (I call them temporary “bug” for keeping it short but you may use another terminology if by chance you trip over it). Moreover, you’re going to have trouble with Logan5 now. She / he will that Connie & Cohise are one and the same person (). But sorry, here I have nothing to make with. That’s now something between you & Logan5 (Tip: send Poppy to see how the land lies). As for Connie; it started as a pleasant game, turned suddenly on – for reason I’m not telling – and so now we are enemies. Yes it’s still so. And although she has something I don’t like at all, I still feel some sympathy for her. She has charm, she is perhaps as “mad” as I am, but unfortunately but but but (stumbling-block)… Strange, odd, etc ? Not at all. And now your mistress Poppy: she’s a snob. If It was only that I won’t have moved. And she is tied to potato’s apron-strings. And again, if it was only that. But …!! Did you know that in the past she had some improper criticism on a given link on one of my pictures ? Well, I’m going to tell you more now: it was on the page “Turntable for trains and so on. And again, if anyone is interested in further information, I’ll give …” with following address: (). Did you know what happened ? Guess. After she insisted for having the address of the train-site, she not only left without any thank but replied some time later – and this nota bene on my page ( ! ) - that it was a dead giveaway. Very tactful of her part !! And that’s of course not all. Apart from that, that pancake-case, showed on the page “Getting to know each other” with following address () wasn’t only “and that for only one pancake”; it was really the last straw that broke the camel’s back. With what right dared she Mandarin-duck mix up with Peking duck with pancakes ? But afterwards it’s easy to try to make someone ridiculous with the argument “and all that for just one pancake (Goodness, all that venom over a bloody pancake).” With other words: shutting someone up. And so we know each other better. These two examples aren’t the only time she made some rude, tactless and improper remarks, as we recently are aware of more and more. I hope or better I’m almost sure that these two telling examples has given you a broader view of the problem-case “Poppy”. And now for “ending” (a word that still exist in my vocabulary, but you may think what you want about it): in spite of your “big mouth” you must not be “afraid” being on the black list now, Skip. Let
2009-04-29 20:48:14
You're welcome kevin! I think you can do everything he's doing, maybe you could sign up there, and I think it would be kewl if you used "kewlistic" in your name, like Kewlistic Kevin Walker, or somthing...just a suggestion
2009-04-29 20:42:39
Thanks WitchGirl!! we may not be able to go there, but we can dream! : )
2009-04-29 20:03:35
Kewlistic pic! I checked out that photographer you mentioned earlier, he's got some great stuff! Thanks for pointing me over there!
2009-04-29 16:07:55
Hello :)'s a very beautiful peaceful :)