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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2008-11-27 21:59:36
I had never heard of this before -How HORRIBLE! and stupid- Cruelty like this needs to stop.
2008-11-27 04:53:15
To me this is a very, very sad photo..locking animals up so we humans can gawk at them strikes me as deeply and fundamentally wrong..yeah, I's a tough shit world, and worse stuff happens..but that doesn't make this okay.
2008-11-27 01:30:26
LOL patito. such an awesome photo, artemis. made me think of the total destruction 1 creature can do to another separated only by a pane of artificial glass, and the total weirdness of how humans keep animals in boxes for us to look at, and how the kid has no fucking understanding of what he is right next to, which is hillarious. +++
2008-11-25 22:18:55
Life without parole.