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Old Comments:

2008-10-11 17:39:02
I agree with your last sentence in principle, but there is a difference between free speech and stealing someone else’s identity and posting smut under it. The troll is free to write under a hundred nicks - as long as they are not other people’s nicks - but it is NOT ok to besmirch the reputations of others.
2008-10-11 12:03:37
i wouldn't wish that on an enemy, poppy (knowing all that i know)... and yes, I would guess that the troll's nicks are almost numberless; limited only by imagination. thing is, there's a common 'fingerprint' behind all the posts that quickly exposes the troll whenever it posts with a new id. still, i'd rather have the annoyance of the troll, than risk the abridgment of free speech required to ban it.
2008-10-10 17:59:13
Oh yes, the troll's names are a legion. You've known the troll longer than I have, and it targeted you before I stepped on its tail and it went after me as well... I wish I knew all that you know. ;-)
2008-10-10 17:35:31
that's why i came up with the other acronym, "DBF." if that's not good enough, how about: "DBF, DFT" or "DBF - troll!" instead? i think most people are smart enough to figure that message, or they'll ask us what we meant. i also had a thought on the question of the identity of the troll, and that thought was that you might as well ask if i know who the troll is *now* because the troll keeps creating new names (besides ours) under which to post... i'm sure we both know several names under which the troll has posted in the past. i think you have seen some of the newer posts, and you probably recognize the troll almost as fast as I do.
2008-10-10 17:09:37
Just Sayin: I agree with you about DFT and I usually ignore the troll's comments. But when a situation arises where someone (like Connie on the 'size of countries' page) fails to differentiate between the troll and the 'real thing' and thinks that I would behave in such a confrontational way as to order people to leave the site if they disagree with me, then I feel I have to respond (I am not responding to the troll but to the hapless recipient of the troll’s comments in my name). People who have been here longer, can (I hope!) tell the difference between my comments and the fake poppy’s comments.
2008-10-10 07:38:38
;-) is just a smiley. :) is a smiley, so is :-) and there are many more variations. They can be useful when you say something in jest, because as we express ourselves in written form only, sometimes the reader can get a wrong impression. Sarcasm is especially difficult to convey... Of course, the smiley also means just a smile, useful for acknowledging a compliment on your picture if you haven’t the time to write a longer message, and so on... Hey, I didn't know what a troll was either till it was explained to me. This is a strange world, but you’ll get used to it...
2008-10-10 07:15:27
Yes, Connie, he has posted only four pictures. He makes comments: 2273 at the time I write this. I know nothing about him bar that he is a good person and I consider him a friend. He has a great sense of humour and is responsible for most of the good laughs around here. And yes, Connie, it is very confusing here at the moment! I have been here for a few months so I know more about the different characters behind their nicks. Do come back once you have sorted out your security problems!
2008-10-10 06:12:08
Poppy, would you kindly tell me what ;-) means? I just recently found out what a troll is. This generation gap is huge!! Why would I know who the troll I a clairvoyant?
2008-10-10 06:07:12
Oh Lord, I'm too confused with all of this. So the non troll Just Sayin has only posted four pictures?
2008-10-09 16:13:15
The Troll War continues. ;-) I am getting a feeling that you already know the identity of the troll, and I am also beginning to 'see the light'. I wish I could talk to you without the 'audience' but I guess that is not possible. Yes, the most suitable pronoun for the troll is 'IT' because it is neither a he nor a she.
2008-10-09 15:50:01
You called Just Sayin Mr Troll: THAT is the accusation. He is NOT the troll.
2008-10-09 13:58:34
curiouser and curiouser, yeti... and no, connie, i am not the troll. the four lonely pictures i have submitted are my own digital art works. the images put up by the troll using the name that appears to be mine have had a nasty air about them, either they are degrading to women (pic of a girl, tied up with rope and duct tape), or scatological in nature (pics of a guy in front of a computer, smeared with, and supposedly eating a suspicious looking brown substance [ahem!!!]). those pics have been removed, but go ahead and click on the name below this post, check out my page, then, in the address window, click your cursor right before the 'J' in 'Just Sayin' and enter the following keystrokes (without the quotes): "%20%20" then hit return. if you managed to get the right user name you should be at one of the troll's many user pages, and there you can see its voting record, although the pictures it has previously posted from that account have been removed by the admin due to complaints about content violation.
2008-10-09 13:13:51
Poppy, BEFORE I replied to Just Sayin, I CLICKED on the name and it showed FOUR PHOTOS, THEREFORE HE'S THE TROLL. I addressed my comment to Mr. Troll aka Just Saying (I meant to type Sayin). God forgive for making this god awful typing error!! Anyways, there is nothing in my reply to him that indicates 'hurling accusations'. I also responded to troll Poppy's comment re the 'size of countries'. Before you get angry, please understand it was addressed to the troll...NOT YOU.
2008-10-08 21:32:45
I think perhaps Connie is the troll trying to deflect suspicion.
2008-10-08 14:20:13
Hi Connie: You wrote in reply to Just Sayin, but called him Mr. Troll aka Just Saying. I don't know who Just Saying is, but I know who Just Sayin is, and he is not the troll. Click on Just Sayin's name above and you'll see a record of (at the time I am writing this) of 2267 comments and 4 photos. The troll occasionally steals Just Sayin's name (just as he steals mine) and writes the smut that he specializes in. Always when in doubt who is who, click on the name: the fake Just Sayin has a different record! Instead of going around hurling accusations, check first! For example, the fake poppy’s record at the moment stands at 80 comments and 9 photos. My record is 1906 comments (before I shoot this one off) and 1610 photos. Also, the TYPE of the photos posted should be a clue. Did I not explain to you earlier already about clicking on the names when you accused Lilly of attacking you? The troll also posts dirt under Lilly’s name. Those of us who know Lilly and Just Sayin, know without clicking on the names as to the real identity. The REAL Lilly and Just Saying do not post smut, either in comments or pictures! The troll is very clever, though, and can imitate different writing styles very well, and sometimes the content may not be smutty or dirty. So check first, before you react.
2008-10-08 12:52:03
Hi poppy - Are you saying that Just Sayin is not the troll, but that perhaps Just Saying is? This is very confusing!!
2008-10-08 03:55:33
Dear Connie: Just Sayin is not the troll. Just Saying could be, for all I know, but he/she is not on this page.
2008-10-08 01:51:20
Dear Mr. Troll aka Just Saying - The above information was obtained from both a scientific AND a military web site. Condensation clouds form around jets as they fly at or near the speed of sound, (often called "going through the sound barrier" or "accelerating past the speed of sound"). Under the right conditions, and even at lower speeds, they sometimes cause a vapor cone effect. These Prandtl-Glauert condensation clouds can also occur at lower speeds, and are not really a visible manifestation of some kind of a sound barrier being broken.
2008-10-07 11:34:55
You are NOT seeing the jet break the sound barrier in this picture. Instead, the oncoming jet is putting pressure on the air in front of its path, which causes a cloud of water to condense at first around the jet, and as the jet reaches a higher speed, in the wake of its passage. This cloud forms independent of the the speed of sound, instead, the airspeed at which this phenomenon begins is dependent on local atmospheric conditions (mostly air temperature and relative humidity). The cloud created by the jet's passage is called a contrail, not to be confused with the similar term, "chemtrail," which some people believe is filled with deadly dangerous mind control chemicals that will make us all vote for the side we don't want to win in the next election (exposed Dems will vote McCain, exposed 'Pubs will vote Obama, the exposed apolitical will actually vote, so that they too can be equally disappointed)...
2008-10-07 09:28:23
Great photo! It's rare to get a photo that catches the sound (aka shock) wave when a plane approaches the sound barrier. When it exceeds the speed of sound, it catches up with its own sound waves. I never saw this one on the web, but I have a couple of others.