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Posted By:farhad

Old Comments:

2009-01-26 18:37:20
...and again had farhad, the dumb pig, vote himself over 30 pics popular! THIRD TIME IN THREE DAYS!!! Better you leave Pixdaus, farhad! You vote only for yourself! Your ranking is no image of the quality of your pics, cause not others vote you there, but you!!!
2009-01-26 16:07:09
A new day and new selfvoting by farhad again! RIGHT NOW dozens of pics with zero points get votes in a row AGAIN! (Wanna see? The "Pulse"-section is showing you!)
2009-01-26 08:00:04
We don't get farhad instead of CBG! farhad is like a disease on this site! A Selfvote-Maniac who hopefully get no support by the other Pixdaus-Users!!
2009-01-26 05:04:29
Loosing Comic Book Guy and getting Farhad in his place is like swapping a new Volvo for a '67 Dodge Dart...
2009-01-26 04:44:39
Thanks "ok"! I hope you open some eyes! And don't stop fighting! Thanks "farhad"! I'm leaving Pixdaus, cause people like you make it to a bad place.
2009-01-26 04:11:25
You fucking self-rightous ASSHOLE! STOP VOTING FOR YOUR OWN PICS! 50 PICS GET "SUDDENLY" POPULAR (AGAIN) IN ONLY A FEW MINUTES. And ALL with 10 votes (curious, isn't it?) And you really tell us that you don't vote for your own pics?? You are an insult for ALL other users here on Pixdaus! 3000 votes from yesterday till tonight! I hope you leave Pixdaus as soon as possible with your damn cheating and selfvoting!