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Old Comments:

2011-10-11 08:16:09
And just what's wrong with Vegemite ? It's great on toast. Breakfast wouldn't be the same without it...:)
2011-10-11 06:10:39
To add to all the problems is Patito deleting comments and pictures poking fun at him. Such insecurity!!
2011-10-11 06:07:03
What's not natural about food or the desire to eat it or the act of eating it ? Food is a part of nature just like air and water unless, of course, you're talking about Vegemite : )
2011-10-11 05:47:35
I do not know why my comment has come up twice - I only sent it once. "Curiouser and curiouser" as Alice said. Pixdaus gets more and more like Alice's Wonderland. Can't send comments, those that get through appear twice. And, please, why all the food of late?!! Some of it looks delicious but seems rather out of place on a "nature" site.
2011-10-10 05:06:05
I'm very sorry Gabrielle that you are having problems with Pixdaus as well. I hope the problem will be fixed soon for you. Many thanks for your kind words about my posts too. I agree with you about CatMint2's photos. Very nice indeed. Hope you are well and that you had a great weekend. Take care.... :)
2011-10-10 05:03:53
Directly below here it says this, loosing patience..... first page previous page ( Page 1 of 129 ) next page last page
2011-10-10 03:35:09
I have to try a few times to leave comments or post pictures. This is crazy!
2011-10-10 02:04:28
I often get the 'Bad Gateway' message, and I get all the strange messages way too many times. Also, it takes a long time to get to the next page etc. What numbers?
2011-10-10 00:45:12
I've been having problems with Pixdaus also but I don't get the 'bad gateway' page, (at least not yet). I get a page with all of the strange messages that they put there. I've noticed that if I don't click on 'next page' and click on the numbers below that, then the page loads correctly. Maybe that will help some. Hope so... :)