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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-01-16 01:37:36
Pops, you are an interesting character, and you make some entertaining comments some time..but you are totally, utterly, and completely full of bullshit think the entire population of the US, some 300 million people, are a bunch of naive, ignorant, gullible fools, unable to see the truth which YOU in your infinite wisdom can see with such remarkable clarity..I've been reading your posts here for a couple of years, and it's pretty clear that you actually know almost nothing about the United States and its people....
2009-01-16 01:14:12
Unfortunately, Skip, the president-pretender has not yet been inaugurated. He is a phony, a charlatan, a fraudster, liar and does not have the legal qualifications to become any elected official within the U.S., as he does not have legal American citizenship. If he was genuine he would have produced all the relevant documentation up-front. The only claimed document, a birth certificate, is a forgery. Sufficient legal minds within the U.S. attest to these facts. But 'the system' is so deeply corrupt, with so many taking back-handers and others with fingers in the pie that they have all rubber-stamped his status. America is in for a very bad time following the country's virtual destruction under the Bush administration Zionist thieves and thugs. Enough!!!
2009-01-15 22:22:59
Very funny Popolov! but we have a new president now.
2009-01-15 22:01:31
So tiny, yet so much fur. What is it, is it George W Bush brought down to his real mental size?