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Posted By:sugre

Old Comments:

2008-08-03 11:28:01
omg, i love avril...yah she really is that the contrast to the boxers!!!!
2008-05-04 13:15:46
She looks like she's 10 years old
2008-04-29 09:15:43
I thought that she got at least 165-170cm
2008-04-23 16:01:10
That's so cute. LOL, didn't know she was that tiny.
2008-04-21 01:05:54
i didnt know shes so small:D looks kinda funny:D
2008-04-20 17:46:11
They look like two giants.
2008-04-20 04:57:57
Canadian singer Avril Lavigne (1,58 m) between the ukrainian boxers Vitali (2,03 m) and Wladimir (1,98 m) Klitschko. From the german TV-Show "Wetten dass..?" in Basel, 6th October 2007.