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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-03-18 14:43:58
This picture give a intercommunion with the nature. Superb !
2009-03-18 07:22:04
Thanks fuzzy blue one! just what I needed, I found one more way to say it, hope you like the pic!
2009-03-18 06:43:35
Here is the link to say Thank You in over 465 different languages
2009-03-18 06:07:55
Thanks poppy, and connie, see connie, we both have this polite problem ,,, but it's really not a problem, it's just hard to think of different ways to say thanks!
2009-03-18 06:05:02
Thanks loxodont, and yes, you are right! sounds like you may have been there, looks like they have some great scenery there.
2009-03-17 21:46:06
"Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden" in Cape Town - South Africa: am I right? Delightful picture!
2009-03-17 15:31:22
Another cool, shady lane. How wonderful...
2009-03-17 09:06:00
Beautiful tree lane!!!