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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-08-31 19:28:20
Have you been up all night, girl? Not good for you. ;-) You'll get a bad eye like I did... - What do you mean you cannot open comments? You mean if a pic does not already have a comment and you want to write one? Click on the pic and it opens up to comments.
2009-08-31 18:52:49
Thanks poppy!! the photographer included some info with the pic... Glean Da Loch (meaning glen of two lakes) is a village located at the site of a monastery located in County Wicklow Ireland.Founded in the sixth century by Saint Kevin, a hermit priest and destroyed in 1398 by english troops. I sure hope you're right about the site improving, I mean I have patience, but this is ridiculous, I can't open comments at all, only comment on pics that have already got some comments.. so if you don't hear from me you'll know why :)
2009-08-31 17:37:53
What a sweet little church, Skip, absolutely charming! - Sorry to hear about the turtle syndrome on your pc; I'm sure Pixdaus will 'speed up' again once they are done with all the changes...
2009-08-31 17:18:04
Thanks jacksparrow, good to see you!! it's embarrassing but I can barely funtion on here since they made some pc is moving so slow I've been posting for the last hour!! I have to admit I'm a pixaholic :)
2009-08-31 16:34:48
Hi skip, glad to see ya posting again. :)