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Posted By:artemis

Old Comments:

2009-06-09 08:11:33
I am sorry! I have to apologize!! Artemis didn't gave herself over 500 votes, our cheating cunt Artemis gave herself over 1000 votes only this evening (about two hours!) And she hasn't finished yet... "ARTEMIS OUT OF PIXDAUS!"
2009-06-09 07:29:00
Artemis you dirty whore! You now vote over one hour nonstop for your own pics! You give yourself over 500 votes since. You vote ALL of the non-popular pictures back (except the two you never vote over 13). You vote EVERY SINGLE SHIT up to popular again! Don't you think it is enough you fucking asshole? "ARTEMIS OUT OF PIXDAUS!"
2009-06-09 06:19:03
Ah, Artemis is back from holidays! And the fucking whore is immediately voting ALL of her own pics up again! Nearly 20 pics are suddenly popular again! STOP VOTING YOUR OWN PICS YOU DAMN BITCH!!!!!!!!!