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Posted By:DMAN

Old Comments:

2008-09-04 23:43:46
:D hopefully the pests will die off with the autumn? summer is a bitch for insects but with the cooling weather their life cycle closes and hopefully One-Sided will relax more. maybe in the meantime you should give One-Sided a half decaf, so he's not so tense?
2008-09-04 16:28:52
Funny you should ask. It is not going very well at all. Rudolf led his flock out of the area on account of an unusually large infestation of mosquitoes, gnats, horseflies and other irritating insects. There is nothing else to study and observe other than one very old, rheumatic individual called One-Sided (he's got only one antler) who hangs around my igloo, usually standing on a large rock on the edge of the fellside just to catch even the slightest breeze to get some relief from the pests. I take him a cuppa once in while, and we sit and chat; he is very lonely, poor chap. The rest will be back soon, and then I can wind up my study. I'll let know when the book comes out. At least you'll be able to understand the pictures.
2008-09-04 11:07:48
where is your upcoming book on Nordic reindeer poppy?
2008-09-04 02:59:24
Another wonderful chapter for your upcoming book, Patito! ;-)
2008-09-03 23:35:54
OOps..I made a big mistake..the mission's name was San Antonio de Valero, not San Francisco..even though it was established by Franciscans..other than that, the above text is correct and factually accurate...better pour me another cup, Carmelita.
2008-09-03 22:36:43
Sorry folks, but you're all mistaken. This is a fragment from the southeast corner of the outer wall of the Mission San Fransisco de Valero, better known to the world as the Alamo. During the early days of the Second World War Sir Winston Churchill negotiated its purchase from the Daughters of the Texas Revolution and had it brought from San Antonio to a site between Derby and Nottingham where it was placed on public display. Churchill believed that an actual physical reminder of the valor and self-sacrifice displayed by the Alamo's noble defenders would serve as an inspiration to the British people during those dark days, and it seems to have done so. In his memoir, former RAF wing commander Reginald Blythwyck-Smythe recalled that he and others in his squadron would shout "Remember the Alamo" as they flew their Spitfires down into the formations of attacking German bombers. The fragment remains on display today on the grounds of the Anglican seminary at Wottleby, near Frothmore,East Westingham.
2008-09-03 10:52:19
If it's in Russia, it's more likely to be Russian Orthodox than Greek Orthodox.
2008-09-02 20:54:13
Clearly Greek Orthodox. Perhaps in Russia. Looks like a preserved bit of wall. A commemoration of some battle?
2008-08-05 22:20:50
It would be really nice if people uploading pictures would tag or leave descriptions. I am guessing that this is a picture of an Orthodox Christian shrine or monument but who knows....