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Posted By:No Name

Old Comments:

2009-06-15 03:38:50
You have posted some beautiful pictures for two week-ends. And no more ... Will you come back ? I am waiting for ;-)
2009-05-24 08:01:37
Thank you, A Bouts, and thanks for the tip, I'll use your method if any more unwanted tags appear.
2009-05-24 06:14:19
Uncle T, After you tag a picture fill in the rest of the space with ...... or ~~~~~~~~~~ or what ever is of your choosing. This will prevent any of the clown trolls from adding any disparaging tags to your pics. Here is an example of what some of us came up with to prevent it: I just added 0000000 to all my tags. And welcome. You have posted some very nice pictures.
2009-05-23 17:07:51
Thank YOU, jacksparrow. A far better welcome to a newcomer than what I found on my tags under the house picture. :) Perhaps I will stick around.
2009-05-23 11:31:41
There is a small subculture of spiral staircase enthusiast here at Pixdaus. I am one of them and though I can not speak for all of them; this is perhaps the best I've seen yet. Thank You