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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2011-10-06 20:39:09
My apology to Hate interior photos; I should have checked the Internet before commenting. I did a search for the word 'affectionado'. At it defines the word as 'an enthusiastic lover of something'. However, other sites say a better match is 'aficionado'. That seems to indicate 'affectionado' is more like a local/colloquial word, and that would match with what 'Hate interior photos' said about where he was raised. In fairness Christopher Wren, you should also have checked the " 'magic box' at your fingertips....".
2011-10-06 20:15:01
My Spanish/English dictionary defines aficionado as amateur; devotee; fan; fond of; addicted to There is no such word as 'affectionado' in both my Spanish and two English dictionaries. Looks like Hate interior photos used a combination of English and Spanish to create a new word - very creative and why not. But he could be correct that it is 'Garifuna', but I've never heard of that
2011-10-06 13:56:18
Definition of AFICIONADO: a person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity : devotee Other links: etc etc etc You have the 'magic box' at your fingertips where you can find the definition of any word you care to know about, so why not use it? Interior Minister's pics fit well in the category of interior architecture but that is not worth debating with you, especially as you're not well versed in the meaning of words. As to my identity and you (and Katal1Zator) believing I am Patito: Wrong. You say you don't 'have the time' for discussion or arguing, but here you are, doing it, anyway. Now you can do it on your own because I am off and will not be back till Monday. :)
2011-10-06 10:58:03
Hello Christopher Wren, I see that katal1zator thinks that you are patito. Hmmm I feel that he is probably right on this one. But it really isn't important to me. I have no desire in getting into a discussion or argument over etymology with you, however, I simply don't have the interest or the time. I have checked both sections of my dictionary and fail to find aficionado. What is this a Spanish word? My dictionary is Garifuna and I doubt if you have a copy or have ever seen one. Garifuna was derived from English several hundred years ago and does have some similarities but also some extreme distinctions. In Garifuna we have male words (that are used only by men) and female words (that are used only by females). To the best of my knowledge, Garifuna is the only language to do this. I was raised in a Kekchi village in the Toledo district of Belize and taught English by my parents, who were from Pennsylvania. However, the predominate language in the Toledo District is Garifuna. In order to get by I had to learn English, quite a bit of Garifuna, some Ketchi and a little bit of Spanish plus a whole lot of hand and arm gesturing. As for 'interior architecture', this is not what your uploaded photos display.
2011-10-06 08:58:07
Hi HIP: You must have a dictionary all your own because the correct word is 'aficionado.' Since architecture can mean “the structure or design of anything” (even “the architecture of the universe”), it also encompasses interiors of buildings. Have you not ever heard of Interior Architecture? Check it out:
2011-10-06 08:45:28
Since I have never uploaded a photo here, I could hardly be disgruntled by how they do. I do upload my photos (ones that I personally take) to other photo sites where they are warmly received and seem to be appreciated. An affectionado refers to an enthusiastic lover of something. My dictionary defines it this way and this is how I intended it. You are right, however, I was not educated in your sense of the word. I grew up without benefit of any formal schooling and was taught by my parents who were missionaries and then, later on, I have been self taught. I don't, however, regard the photos that you and IM2 upload as architectural photos. They are simply photos of decorative building interiors. An architectural photo would be more like a structural photo of a bridge, or a photo of the Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, etc.
2011-10-06 07:37:55
You're completely ignoring the MAIN problems: self-voting, cheating, deleting pictures & comments WHY?
2011-10-06 07:31:21
Downvoting IS a big problem here, however, don't expect the administration to do anything about it. They have already written off this site, thanks to the likes of Interior Minister 2, and are certainly not going to spend another dime on it.
2011-10-06 07:28:05
If the advertisers have not departed, then what has happened to them? They are no longer here, and they are what EG depends on to keep Pixdaus on the Internet. You must be proud of yourself, lip, 3 votes in one click to upvote crap. I never claimed to speak for anybody but myself, but I am sure that I speak for more users than you do lip.
2011-10-06 06:58:38
Don't forget the cheating and self-voting and deleting of pictures and comments.
2011-10-06 05:54:34
If the site shuts down it will not be because of any particular individual or any type of photo but because of the administrations failure to do anything about the downvoting, which is the single worst problem here and the one thing responsible for most of the best posters bailing out.
2011-10-06 04:58:23
You do not speak for the rest of us, you do not know how others voted, you do not know what the advertisers are doing. I'm a premium user and I voted for this photo and the other ones = 3 votes in one click
2011-10-06 04:24:51
I dearly hate these interior photos. There is no way that 16 people have upvoted this photo. Environmental Graffiti is not about to give us a new format, they are going to simply shut down the site. And, Interior Minister 2, when this happens it will be your fault. Advertisers, that EG depends on to fund the site, are already seeing the writing on the wall and are leaving as fast as the nature affectionados.