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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2011-09-30 01:41:43
Watch the language, PLEASE !!
2011-09-29 17:25:27
Blah blah blah... the world is flat, the pope is not Catholic and you are not Patito... A likely story! You are a boring troblemaker who tries to destroy Pixdaus. That's all. Go and fuck yourself, Patito!
2011-09-29 16:55:52
Sorry, A Viewer, but I'm not Patito. And your failure to challege my assertion about your ass can only mean you admit that it is, in fact, fat and scabby. No wonder you're such a humorless mope.
2011-09-29 15:52:56
Hello patito, when I look at these silly "protest" pictures I am indeed humorless because they aren't funny at all! YOU don't like Pixduas. You just want to change it into something you like!
2011-09-29 15:46:00
But I DO like Pixdaus..because I find such interesting photos here. It's humorless mopes like you who seem to be unhappy with how things are here. Why don't YOU haul your fat scabby ass out of here if you don't like it ?
2011-09-29 15:25:19
You will find this stuff on other websites! Have fun there! If you don't like Pixdaus: Goodbye! :-)
2011-09-29 15:16:08
I love the photos of tea, coffee, breakfast and motel rooms and other weird and unusual things, and thank goodness someone posts something other than the booooooring pictures of mountains refelcted in lakes and so-called nature photos of animals in zoos.
2011-09-29 11:56:39
Porn??? This is an entirely fictional debate. And a completely unnecessary one. Nude pictures are isolated in the +18 section. Not "porn" is the problem of this site. The problem is that one (or two) people try to change this site into their personal playground with cheatings, deletings and massive uploads of silly pictures. The result you can see now: dozen of silly "Photos of home interiors, like I would expect to see in a 'Home and Gardens' magazine." Dozens of silly breakfast, food, tea, coffee pics (mostly upvoted with +20 cheater votes) With the new and needless porn discussion, you just want to distract from the real problems on Pixdaus. Nice try.
2011-09-29 11:45:21
If you don't like Pixdaus the way it is: feel free to leave!
2011-09-28 20:48:39
+18 porn section in cars, food, architecture in protest by posting what you want to send a message to Chris of what we want pixdaus to decide what it wants to be - porn or nature based on that, individual users will later decide if they will stay with in
2011-09-28 19:39:10
Pixdaus certainly wasn't a nature site when it first began. It was Russian, had a lot of pics of motorcycles, cars, airplanes, bombs going off,funny stuff, weird shit of all kinds, and a lot of skin pics and girlie photos, and in fact the name 'Pixdaus' is some kind of naughty or risque term in Russian though I don't know exactly what. When Chris bought it a couple of years back he came up with the nature phtography idea, but didn't ever follow up on it or take any steps to move the site in that direction. The old Pixdaus was much more interesting, a lot more fun, and a lot less boring than what the site has become, although some of the old timers still struggle to keep it from becoming nothing but wallpaper. And personally, I say good luck to them. Post what you want to post and to hell with what anybody thinks or says about it.
2011-09-28 19:21:35
Cut the cackle, Ikani. We can all post whatever we want because this is NOT a nature site! Look around, people post pics cars, boats, food, ships, cityscapes, airplanes, trains, cartoons, etc etc etc, you name it, we have it! So why the attack on architectural pics and interiors? The point above by Interior Minister and Out With Porn was that any site that chooses to keep sections for porn etc cannot be called a "nature" site, so WE ARE FREE TO POST WHAT WE WANT!
2011-09-28 17:34:06
You really contaminate this site with your silly pics because you don't want nude pictures which you can only see in a section for premium users??? Write an mail to pixdaus if you can not live with it!! btw: you also complain about namecalling. But what should Hmmm do when you are obviously an idiot??
2011-09-28 13:10:46
Again, Hmmm is missing the point. The argument was about whether Pixdaus is a nature site or not, and I was saying NOT. Of course I won't go to the 18+ section but that does not mean I am in a nature site. It'd be the same as saying I have a clean home when I have one closet that's full stinky garbage.
2011-09-28 12:37:51
THAN DON'T GO TO THE 18+ SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-09-28 12:30:09
For premium members, the 18+ sections are the same as all the other sections, which is: part of the Pixdaus normal sections. As Pixdaus advertises itself as a Nature Site, then it's full of baloney. Hmmm, you just showed real class by your namecalling and downvoting. Have a nice day.
2011-09-28 11:36:25
Would you like to have the nude pics in the normal section?? The 18+ section (which you can't see unless you're a premium member!!!!!!!!!!!!! You said it!) IS for content filtering, you dweeb!
2011-09-28 10:22:57
Hello Sigrid, (1) I agree with you entirely. (2) I am posting these photos more as a protest against Pixdaus having four 18+ sections (which you can't see unless you're a premium member) that have nudes, tits&ass pics, and even porn. As long as those sections exist, this is NOT a Nature Site. Please try us again when and if Pixdaus ever cleans up its act and also gives us the "NEW" platform which it has been promising us for 18 months.
2011-09-28 10:06:55
What a sorry mess this is. I visited this web site following links that touted it as a site for nature photography. What did I find: (1) The world's slowest ever web server, and (2) Photos of home interiors, like I would expect to see in a "Home and Gardens" magazine. Goodbye Pixdaus.