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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2010-02-04 11:55:09
Still hoping - doesn't anyone know where or what this interesting shape is?
2010-02-02 02:14:41
Gabrielle, first let me assure you that I am not anyone other than myself, Galat. However, if I were, in fact, Patito, I would probably say much the same thing, and I'm sure he and most other veteran Pixdausians would agree with what I have said about the voting system. There are certain persons who come here regularly for no other purpose than to cause problems and sow ill-feelings between and among the members of the community, as I'm sure you are well aware by this time. They are typically outcasts and misfits, and the wisest policy is simply to ignore them. It is attention, after all, that they seek. Best regards, Galat
2010-02-02 01:14:44
Gabrielle, you are totally right! But you know that you talk to patito? "Galat Alhambra" is one of patito's many, many troll accounts! He caused us to believe that here are soooooo many others who support him. But that's a lie! He is complaining about the voting system here but he is the one who is maipulated it the most! Look at the accounts of double named (and never heard of before) "fans"! They are nothing but invented one-comment-clowns! patito is a troll!
2010-02-01 17:28:41
Aha! Now I see. Thanks for that Galat. I have noticed a lot of bickering and quite savage language on the site. It would be so much better if people had only one vote (that is democratic) and concentrated on the quality of the photos instead of attacking each other. That said I would still like to know about the building in the photo - what it is and where?
2010-02-01 14:01:20
Gabrielle, some people come here everyday, enjoy looking at the photos, and are able to vote even though they never post any photos, or post very few photos. Some people come here and post literally dozens of photos under different user names. The fact is that a fairly small number of individuals find and upload the great majority of of photos you see here. Also, some people pay a membership fee. All of those factors weigh toward determining the number of votes each person has at his or her disposal. Also: there are some users who maintain multiple accounts, and are able to vote numerous times, sometimes with 3 or 4 votes to each account. Is that fair? of course not. The sad truth is that the voting system is so messed up , and really means so little, and is such a poor reflection of or indicator of the actual quality of a photograph that it should be, and probably will be, either scrapped or radically revised in the near future. All that said, the complaints of people like Pixdaus Police are based on jealousy and personal hatred, and are more often than not simply outright lies.
2010-02-01 13:26:18
An interesting pic - what and where? I do not understand about the voting but everyone should have only one vote - nothing else is really fair.