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Posted By:poppy

Old Comments:

2011-10-06 13:33:42
Hello HIP, Why are you responding to a comment I directed at Pixdaus Farewell? I am not interested in your voting habits or whether you like kittens or puppies or anything else. I know perfectly well what 'endless' means, but it does not correspond with Interior Minister's posts which are very few, thus far, and can't be described as endless. Anyone who takes animal photos in a zoo and then tries to pass them as taken in the wild is not a person I'd wish to know. Have a nice day, HIP.
2011-10-06 11:16:09
Hello again Christopher Wren, Endless, to me at least and I am sure you will disagree, means seemingly without end. As for voting, I have never voted here and have no desire to, although on another photo site that I use does allow you to indicate a 'thumbs up' for photos that you like. I have never had a pet (kitten or puppy), have no desire to and I really don't like either. The Ketchi people only raise them in order to eat them when they get larger. I found this very disgusting and tried to keep my distance from these so called 'pets' when I was growing up. As for zoo animals, that is something else. We have a single zoo in Belize at Belmopan and I have spent time in the Miami Zoo as well. I have taken excellent photos in both places and am rather proud of them. The challenge in photographing zoo animals is to make it look as if they are actually in the wild and not in a zoo at all. I don't think it is particularly stupid for the Pixdaus administration to refuse to spend money to launch a new platform when they instead seem to be posturing to shut down the web site altogether.
2011-10-06 09:20:06
Define "endless" for me, Pixdaus Farewell. Please, do take your votes with you because you're probably one of those people who love pics of cute kittens and puppies and imprisoned zoo animals, so go look for them elsewhere and vote to your heart's content. The only "stupidity" we have in Pixdaus is the failure of the admin to launch the NEW (what a joke!) platform they've been promising us for 18 months!
2011-10-06 02:49:28
There are perhaps too many pictures of flowers, birds, dogs and wallpaper on this site, architecture is a nice change. Unfortunately this could be a nice picture if the photographer had not over saturated the colors.
2011-10-06 02:47:01
2011-10-06 02:13:45
My sentiments exactly. People who think anything that doesn't appeal to them personally is stupid and ridiculous are way too narrow for this website.
2011-10-06 01:35:24
Good riddance. One less petulant, whining prima donna to put up with.
2011-10-06 01:12:18
I had enough of stupidity and pixdaus. There are some good nature photography sites available and this is not one of them, so I am leaving and taking my votes with me. Endless photos of ridiculous interiors, such as this one, and the irrational upvoting of them, is simply too much for me. It is hard to believe that people actually like these photos.