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Posted By:crabby

Old Comments:

2009-02-23 06:49:05
Here's what ya' gotta understand, Crabby..this site is open to the passes, no filters, no guards at the gates or bouncers at the the entire great unwashed public, with all its warts, can walk right in and pull up a stool next to you... .every village idiot, misanthrope, weirdo schitzo nut-job and troll with a computer has a shot at your photograph...if you're patient and persistent and not easily discouraged, and you post decent photos, things will even out and you'll do alright, because in addition to the trolls and wing-nuts a lot of normal, decent people with pretty good taste and judgement come here too..but you gotta expect this kind of thing and not get bent out of shape by downvoters...hang inere, and remember: non illigitimi corborundum !!
2009-02-23 06:35:46
Yes as expected, -3 immediately after posting. Have I gotten on the wrong side of some especially childish individual?