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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2012-01-23 11:43:34
The title of the picture is "Tiger Dance" and the photographer is Jeffry Surianto
2011-05-30 09:58:52
I'm still wondering about this striking photo, has nobody seen it anywhere else. Perhaps it is from a Chinese site?
2011-05-09 10:38:22
The pics of both sms and sasoli have no info and no photographer names. Sasoli's pics were better, though.
2011-05-09 07:02:17
Further to the above - I still find it amazing that nobody has recognised or claimed this great tiger picture.
2011-05-09 07:00:25
Thank you, unhappy Pixdaus user. I find your information very interesting and helpful, I use Safari and, like you, I have experienced time outs and other problems, as you know. I think I understand it all a little better now, but wish Pixdaus would be a little more attentive to its users - and that users would just take a little more trouble to, properly, identify their posts wherever possible.
2011-05-08 21:02:44
Why don't you attack "SMS"? SMS is givin' no information at all! First "Sasoli" was attacked, now "jchip8". Mediocrity remain. This site will be more and more a derelict site!
2011-05-08 15:29:08
I'm sure it did too, unhappy Pixdaus user. I have recently changed browsers. I find Firefox much better to use with Pixdaus. I used to use Chrome, but I found that very slow with Pixdaus. Also with Chrome, 9 times out of 10 will never load up with other websites I visit. So I thought it time for a change. I'm so sorry you are having problems with getting Pixdaus online....
2011-05-08 11:37:02
I am sure that Gabrielle's vote did eventually count, PictureGirl, just as yours did. What Gabrielle is experiencing is a lot longer delay in seeing her revised votes show up on her screen. Apparently Pixdaus has changed to a different server that is even slower than the ultra slow one they used before. This has slowed things down even further and it takes for ever just to upload a new page or to vote on a single photo or comment. The only possible reason for Pixdaus to do this, move to a slower server, would be to save money. They are obviously trying to ring every last cent out of the website rather than to do anything to improve it for the future. One thing that is possible to do, and may help, would be to use a different browser on your computer. All of the browsers are free of charge and can be readily downloaded. Avoid Internet Explorer at all times as it works very poorly with Pixdaus (at least from North America). Firefox seems to be the safest bet. Both Opera and Chrome are faster, but both are quirky and a little harder to use. Safari is very intuitive, and does great things with most web cites, but it too slow for Pixdaus. The browsers seem to have a hard time even finding the server where Pixdaus is located, they often time out before making contact. I often get returns with a '502 bad gateway' error or, sometimes, messages that the server where Pixdaus is located is not responding. When using Chrome, I often get a message that it is impossible to connect. Trace routing for Pixdaus has not helped me much. From my home the routing seems to go first to Salt Lake City (pauses), then goes to Palo Alto (pauses again), then goes to Chicago (pauses again), then goes to Denver (a very long pause), then Denver will return a 502 bad gateway error (after they cannot figure out what to do with it). Very frustrating, as I have to try again and again just to log on to Pixdaus.
2011-05-08 07:05:10
I get that message also. JChip8 get off your ass and provide information. Are you afraid someone might post pics from the same photographer, so you are hoarding your find?
2011-05-06 04:06:00
So sorry you are receiving that message too, Gabrielle. At least with me, the vote I gave counted. I'm sorry yours didn't (not for me, but you for you, Gabrielle).
2011-05-06 00:53:10
Well, it has happened to me now as I tried to vote for one of your comments. I got the incomprehensible message and the vote has not appeared. Weird! Weirder still is the fact that no-one has, as yet, claimed or named this marvellous photo. How about you check your source Jchip8?
2011-05-05 07:19:03
Wow! That has not happened to me - so far. An incomprehensible message. However quite a few times a "comment" page I have clicked on has come up totally blank - very frustrating as it also is sooo slow doing it! I really think it is about time Pixdaus did a bit of explaining about just what is going on. Meantime I agree about crediting photographer and website.
2011-05-05 07:08:33
Every time I vote on a post now, I get this message under the vote buttons. Does anyone know what it means ? Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/pixdaus/public_html/poll2.php:150) in /home/pixdaus/public_html/poll2.php on line 8
2011-05-05 06:52:34
That's please give credit to the website you found the photos from. Apologies for the mistake there....
2011-05-05 06:50:25
Please one and all, give credit to the photographer of the photos you post and please give credit the website where you found the photos from. Many thanks....
2011-05-05 06:41:25
This is an amazing photograph to have no credit or source. I have Tineyed and Gazopa-ed it to no effect. Surely someone must recognize or own it. Or, once again, have we been fooled by a cleverly photoshopped image?