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Posted By:HALEX

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2012-02-04 19:14:17
Dear HALEX: You post some of the best pics here, so no problem there... Thanks. I have seen this pic, and many other pics that you have posted, on several photo sites where they all have been in JPEG form, but somehow when you post them, they appear as BMP pics. This photo can be found at as JPEG. As you must have observed yourself, the BMP pics appear as black squares in the thumbnails of the top five pics of the day, and that they upload from the bottom up, veeeeeeeeeeery slooooooooooowly, further slowing down the already slow viewing of the pics. Your pics never used to be in BMP, so why are they now? Please find a way to post your pics in the format that is more suitable to this site. JPEG always works. I am sure there are some computer brains around here who could help you if you have a problem, unfortunately I am not one of them... Best wishes, fellow poster