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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2010-03-29 10:58:30
Yessum, there really was a Tubby Cutler. Ya'll know I never make anything up. And as for the critter's expression, it doesn't really seem to me like 'don't worry be happy' . To me It looks more like the way ol' Tubby woulda looked at you if you'd a told him you needed ten gallons of regular but you couldn't pay him till next week.
2010-03-29 09:43:47
Bet they would look lovely on the tree too, Poppy... :)
2010-03-29 09:42:31
Thanks, Skip. I thought so too... :)
2010-03-29 09:42:05
My husband once gave me earrings that are huge yellow metal discs and one of them says ...Don't worry and the other ...Be happy. I use them as Christmas tree decorations. ;-)
2010-03-29 09:34:09
Perfect song to go with this pic Mary...Don't woory, be happy! ~ :)
2010-03-29 09:32:11
Patito you are always so funny,,,was there really a Tubby Cutler? :)
2010-03-29 08:57:35
He's smiling at us saying, 'Don't worry, be happy. And meerkats sure do know how to pose... :)
2010-03-29 08:56:00
Looks just almost exactly like old man Tubby Cutler that ran the Texaco station back at Ratliff Grove...even got the same expression on his face ..put a cap and some overalls on this critter and maybe rub a little grease on him and I swear you couldn't tell 'em apart.
2010-03-29 08:46:45
Thanks poppy, we can always learn something from animals, this guy just makes me smile to look at him!
2010-03-29 08:40:16
Thanks connie, I agree they are so expressive, they just make you laugh looking at them. and we can't get enough of laughter! :)
2010-03-29 08:27:11
What a smile! One great thing about meerkats is that they are very peacable and friendly animals in their community, unlike us humans...
2010-03-29 08:20:26
I love photos of meerkats! They have such funny expressions on their face and their posture is always a hoot. Keep them coming.