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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-10-15 08:52:02
I was thinking of you again when I posted it connie :) Thanks for mentioning the full size thing Jack, I feel like a broken record saying that each time, but I seriously hope Pixdaus will change the picture size back, I mean this site is supposed to be showing off beautiful photos, not showing how to screw them up :)
2009-10-14 21:44:00
Well, ya'll are sorta right...but...Santa Fe has some nice alleys, and ol' San Antone used to have some pretty good ones...and down in Mexico ( which is in North America ) they have some great alleys....will see if I can dig one out of the pile for you..
2009-10-14 15:18:38
Nope, all we have is tornado and hurricane alleys. And of course this one of those photos that looks much better at full size.
2009-10-14 13:39:27
I love those alley photos. We don't have nice alleys in North America.