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Posted By:Fedrus

Old Comments:

2008-12-16 13:15:26
Oh yes, I forgot I'm Canadian. Wait till I put the maple leaf on my forehead. Ok now...Canada is officially a bilingual country, but not all Canadians are bilingual. French colonists were forcibly moved not just from Nova Scotia. 'mon cher' is masculine; 'ma cherie' is feminine. I understood what 'laissez le bon temps rouler', but not the other. I think that cajun is a mix of French, Native, Black etc.
2008-12-15 21:32:09
Thas' Cajun French, mon cher...thought all you Canadians spoke a little French, kinda like most Texicans habla a little Espanol..pero maybe no...Cajun French has been evolving in its own direction since the middle of the 1700's when the Brits forcibly moved French colonists from what's now Nova Scotia and re-settled them in southern's comprehensible to speakers of modern French, but just barely..anyway, what I said to you was a common endearment, something an old Cajun in a bar or at a dance down in the bayou country might say to a lady who caught his fancy.."mon 'title pule grasse" is "my little fat hen"..."laissez le bon temps rouler" is "let the good times roll"..
2008-12-15 15:45:20
And what language is that?
2008-12-15 10:13:14
Thas' in Nawlins, mon 'title pule grasse...laissez le bon temnps rouler !!!
2008-12-15 09:38:25
Is that in Texas cowboy?
2008-12-15 02:52:03
St. Charles Ave. last week ?