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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2010-11-04 12:22:41
Next time, could you ask before you upload my pic? Thanks for at least giving me credit. =)
2009-09-23 05:15:16
Different people, different points of view my friend ;)
2009-09-23 05:07:00
What kind of nonsens are you telling? The colors of the train and the ones of the landscape are NOT AT ALL contrasting! On the contrary, they are just in a beautiful harmony with each other!
2009-09-22 13:57:44
The colors of the train contrasting with the landscape, just gorgeous!
2009-09-22 13:42:11
Thanks, I like the steam trains best too, but I couldn't resist the scenery on this one.
2009-09-22 13:30:13
It may not be a steamer, but still a stunning train pic. :)