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Posted By:No Name

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2010-04-01 00:41:48
Obviously, F451 works for the governemt, is probably a high-ranking security officer, and is attempting to distract people from the real truth about this object. This is, in actual fact, a photo taken inside one of the hangers at Area 51, the government's super top secret research site in the Nevada desert. It shows the UFO forced down by US fighter jets in October, 1952 near Roswell, New Mexico. The existence of this craft is well known in certain scientific and military circles, though the official policy of the government is to deny any knowledge of it, including what happened to the alien crew-members said to have been aboard. But leaks to reporters by State Department Security staff members confirm that not only were there several aliens on board the craft but that most of them are still alive, are being held at a top-secret facility near Los Alamos, New Mexico, and that efforts to communicate with them have been successful. Among other things, officials have learned why so may UFO sightings have and continue to take place in certain parts of New Mexico, such as the are around Roswell. It is due to the fact that the aliens are especially fond of green chilies and are unable to obtain them anywhere else in the universe.
2010-03-31 13:50:33
That is very interesting, thank you F451.
2010-03-31 13:02:43
This is not actually an airship component. It is a Project Echo aluminum-coated mylar balloon. A number of these were lofted into low Earth orbit in the early 1960s and inflated once in space. The idea was that radio signals could be bounced off the balloons for communications purposes.
2010-03-31 09:49:11
A fascinating image - more information please. What, where, when? The truck at the right seems to be of the 50s era?