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Posted By:davidgois

Old Comments:

2009-01-09 09:49:06
You sure can tell a yarn monsieur patito
2009-01-09 08:53:29
LOL x 10! Another for my Patito Yarns file. Don't be surprised if you see a book one day. ;-)
2009-01-09 08:39:29
Thank you patito.
2009-01-09 07:19:38
It's amazing that anyone was able to obtain a shot of this. It was taken on the flight deck of the super-secret Jamaican aircraft carrier, JSS Ganja, during maneuvers in the Caribbean last fall. Ganja is shown here proceeding at dead slow while conducting refueling operations with her escorts, JSS Ocean Monarch and JSS Perla, both of which are very cleverly disguised to appear to the unintiated as mere cruise ships. Very few people outside Naval Intelligence Ops are even aware that Jamaica has a navy, much less one that is not only modern and efficient, but is staffed with very highly trained and exceedingly hip personnel. Note that Ganja has a flight deck much longer than that typically found on carriers, enabling her to launch and retrieve sophisticated recon aircraft, as well as providing a platform for practice by the also top-secret Jamaican Olympic Shuffleboard Team. Smaller and less well-armed Caribbean island nations need not be alarmed, for despite her potent offensive capability, Jamaica has a stated policy of non-agression, so don't worry, be happy, mon.