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Posted By:Skip

Old Comments:

2009-06-17 15:14:14
MY hair, dammit.
2009-06-17 15:12:35
Muckle-Flugga says: 'Hoot to you, too!' I haven't got the three owlets toilet-trained yet, and they're driving me nuts. One is sitting on top of my head and now I have to go wash may hair. It's all right for you people... just being wiseguys.
2009-06-17 15:08:03
OK, Skip, I have too many birds already.
2009-06-17 14:56:06
Bzzzzzzz ZAP!
2009-06-17 14:46:21
Yeah well you stay away from him, we all know what you did to that owl!!
2009-06-17 14:22:31
Marvie bird pic, Skip!
2009-06-17 07:39:41
The colors are red and green like christmas colors. he even has some snow on his cheecks:) I decided to go for it, like you said with the golden retriever pics connie, thanks!
2009-06-17 07:36:38
Thanks Duane, I've never heard of it before either, it makes me think there's probably alot more interesting birds we haven't seen yet.
2009-06-17 02:34:09
I agree - the colours are lovely!
2009-06-16 19:27:17
That is one beautiful bird....and I'd never even heard of that breed before....thanks for sharing.