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Posted By:poppy

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2010-08-02 09:38:38
Wildebeest I wonder if you always knew, I never wanted to be a Gnu! I wanted to be more like a Zebra. Unusual and compelling I'd be. Being spotted anywhere... So anyone could see! Or maybe with a Lion's roar, To chase away my foes. But I know I'd hear a Hyena's laugh, And want to punch someone in the nose! Or maybe I'd be a Panther sleek? Black and mysterious, In the African night I'd creep? I just don't like being a Wildebeest! With a name that's Gnu giving me the creeps. Everybody seems to like a Giraffe. Looking like a Camel... With the long necks they have! But all I have are these ugly horns. I can't even be mistaken for a Bull When I'm born! I'd like to run fast like an Antelope through grass. Or even be a Donkey, Being happy to be called an Ass! Lawrence S. Pertillar