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Old Comments:

2010-11-22 10:02:19
Many thanks for the information, Connie. I look forward to the photos you will post soon... :) By the look of the votes (or lack of them) I don't think anyone appreciated the photo I posted of this flower. Oh well, thems the break I guess...:)
2010-11-22 09:46:20
I forgot to say that the photo you posted shows the flowers in more detail, so more appreciating. The one I posted is a macro. After I got your comment, I did a little research. Tacca flowers come in different sub-types; but they look very similar. So, I don't know if this one is Nivea (common name white tacca). I will post a couple or so for you...different sub-types.
2010-11-22 09:04:48
Oops.. maybe I should've said a link to another photo of the same flower. Sorry for the mix up there, Connie. I've emailed Simone sometimes to remove some of my posts and it's sometimes taken a couple of attempts to get that done. Simone eventually contacted me and did what I requested of her, so maybe you should give it another go Connie and ask them again to change the caption. Can't hurt to try... :)
2010-11-22 08:58:04
When I first saw your comment, I thought I had reposted the same photo as yours...glad I didn't. The photographer did not know the name unfortunately. I would ask Pixdaus to add the name under caption, but they still have not responded to a similar request I sent them a couple of weeks ago.
2010-11-22 08:36:10
Hi Connie, This is known as Tacca nivea - White Bat Flower. I posted a photo of this flower way back when I was known as Mary172. Here is the link to my post.... :)