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Old Comments:

2008-09-06 00:05:27
This is what schools will be like under Obama! VOTE FOR ME!
2008-06-20 11:20:04
Mindless Hiel or Salute to a piece of cloth. What's the difference? Nationalism used as a tool.
2008-05-21 07:37:28
Probably the smartest post here, Sayin.
2008-03-25 07:42:54
Hi, I'm a Brit' and even I know that this is pre WWll photo of American school children paying their daily homage to the flag. The Nazis adopted the very same salute hoping that it would influence the USA to come in to the war on the German side. As you now know, America simply changed it to the hand on heart pledge.
2008-03-23 03:41:25
Simon says?...maby
2008-03-23 03:22:03
Either that or the teacher asked a question and all of these students think they know the answer.
2008-03-23 03:20:28
I would guess that this is a propaganda poster produced by the US govt. during WWII to drum up support for the fight against Nazi Germany. It was pretty scary for Americans to think that their kids might have to do a Nazi salute in the morning as they 'pledged allegiance' to the US flag...
2008-03-22 23:18:41
Can anyone supply the source of this photo? It looks staged since the school children are too young to know what a Nazi salute means. There is a black pupil in the foreground, but that doesn't ensure the date since some American schools were integrated before Brown v. Board of Education. The flag in the corner appears to be a 48-star flag, in which case the photo was taken before 1959.
2008-03-21 06:09:05
stupid americunts
2008-03-21 05:49:35
i pledge allegiance to my fellow dick
2008-03-21 04:58:05
and Under God was not intruded in the pledge...till Ike decided to change things.
2008-03-21 02:00:06
This was the proper posture for saying the pledge of allegience until after WWII when a distance from the Nazi regine was desired. So one would begin with the right hand over the heart, or a soldier in uniform with a salute.