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Old Comments:

2012-01-07 06:36:48
Abe Lincoln is correct. Homeland Security is slowly taking away your freedoms by using 911 as an excuse. None of you are standing up and speaking out against the loss of your rights. I just hope it doesn't happen in Europe.
2012-01-07 03:07:28
It's amusing that some people would think anyone controls the US government. It would be like trying to control a barroom brawl or an elephant and donkey stampede.
2012-01-07 01:19:45
Anyone who thinks the Us government is controlled by religious fundamentalists is too ignorant to have a conversation with.
2012-01-07 00:30:19
Like the religious fundamentalists in the US who control Washington?
2012-01-06 21:18:46
Nature? "Nature of the beast" more like.