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2009-06-28 17:35:35
Canada has a good system, unless you are really sick. The last time I was in Vancouver, I stayed at the Hilton across from St. Paul's hospital, which looks like a broken-down old inner-city high-school. I ran into a lady whose mother was just diagnosed at that facility with advanced breast cancer, and she was told treatment couldn't begin for 4-6 weeks. I n Edmonton and Calgary, wages in the oil fields are so good, forget about getting an MRI, CT-Scan or other treatment, unless you are in critical need, as they cannot keep technicians. Laying pipe or digging ditches pays much better that the health profession. One of my good friends in Saskatoon blew out his ACL playing tennis, and lay in the ER for 37 hours waiting treatment. Of course, they gave him Tylenol for the pain. My neighbor is a registered nurse from Toronto. When her husband left her and went back to Ireland, she and her children became almost destitute and had to move back in with her parents. However, she moved to Houston and now makes a very good wage as a critical care nurse at Methodist hospital. I guess you pay for what you get. The other "benefit" of nationalized health is that if you are or if you "know" someone, you are in good hands. The hospitals in Houston's Texas medical center, especially M.D. Anderson and TIRR, routinely get people from all over the world whose wonderful health care systems have failed them. Of course, most of these folks are government employees or are wealthy, but their state-run medical services send them here for care unavailable at home. Just last year, I was volunteering at one of these hospitals, and there were three people, one from Germany and two from Mexico, just on one 14-bed wing of our floor. Interesting... Of course, if you aren't connected, you will probably die or get worse. In the UK, if you are over 60 and have macular degeneration, you must go blind in one eye before they will treat the other. In some regional cancer treatment centers, there is a waiting list for all but the most critical treatments. When is "cancer" and "critical" not used in the same sentence? Maybe in bureaucrat-speak? Of course, one aspect won't be affected by Obama-Kare: trial lawyers will still get to drive the cost of medicine higher, as doctors must practice defensive medicine in order to keep from being sued. We cannot affect the livelihood of that core Democratic constituency! Also, it looks like unions will be specially exempted from having their health benefits taxed! Niiiiice... Watch what you wish for, as you just might get it!
2009-06-26 23:19:30
Sorry, Abe..but not many adults who actually pay for insurance are going to believe that anyone can purchase a health insurance policy that's worth the paper it's written on for $90 a month unless that policy is heavily subsidized by some agency or employer..that's just a ridiculously low figure for a health insurance policy....since I retired our policy has been through my wife's employer...a few years ago she suffered an injury and was out of work for a long one point we had to start paying the premium for our health insurance policy out of our own pockets..our daughter was still on the policy then, and for the three of us the total bill each month was a little over $1300..that's thirteen hundred thousand and three hundred..dollars...a MONTH...for three people...there are a good many people working low-paying jobs who don't even make that much in a month ...fortunately for us we've stashed away a pretty substantial pile over the years and we were able to pay that $1300 a month without much sweat...but not everyone could do that..then what? If you lose your job, lose your income, and don't have enough savings to pay for your health insurance till you can get back to work.???, enormous bills from hospital, surgeons, pharmacies, physical therapy, etc..what then??? I'll tell you what then...People in that situation are just plain screwed..sorry if that word offends your delicate sensibilities, but that's the fact of the matter...we are going to have Universal Health coverage in this country...most Americans understand why it makes sense and are ready for more thing, Abe..your statements about how liberals expect people to work for free, or think universal coverege will be free are not just insulting, they are pathetically naive and childishly simplistic...
2009-06-26 20:37:42
Which country are you referring to?
2009-06-26 18:23:43
Of course not. Your country shut down the airports and prevented anybody coming from Mexico in didn't they. Well here the government did not do that. They left the welcome mat out.
2009-06-26 09:16:16
I don't know anybody who has ever been denied care. I live in an area loaded with illegal immigrants They all seem to be able to get care. Why are some of the people who were born here too stupid not to find their own way to get care. I've had it both ways where I was insured and when I didn't have a nickle to my name. Yet I was able to get treatment when I needed it in both cases. Today in the news we find out that it will cost the tax payers 4 Trillion Dollars. How are we going to pay for this? Last night on the All Barrack Channel Dr. Devinsky asked the president pointedly if he would be willing to promise that he wouldnít seek such extraordinary help for his wife or daughters if they became sick and the public plan heís proposing limited the tests or treatment they can get. The president refused to make such a pledge, though he allowed that if ďitís my family member, if itís my wife, if itís my children, if itís my grandmother, I always want them to get the very best care.["] Oopsie! So ObamaCare for thee, but not for me? Hope and change, baby! So if it's not good enough for your Messiah why should the American tax payer except it. As far as me being a Believer in Christ. All I have to say is that those who seek the Lord will come under his care and protection. If you truly put all your faith in God he will provide for all your needs. Now I said "needs" not wants. So you'll probably not get that new bike.
2009-06-26 09:00:02
Very good reply, Ms C...I'm actually glad Abe posted this little photo, because it has generated some discussion of the issue, and through discussion more people will learn that most of their fears about Universal Health Care are groundless...and you are absolutely right about the insurance companies..they and their shills and lackeys will fight Universal coverage tooth and toenail because they are making a huge bundle off the present system and hope to see it perpetuated ...
2009-06-26 06:53:28
A Bouts, Universal Health Care means GOOD accessible health care for everybody, not just for the rich or upper middle class. There are millions of Americans who do not have any health insurance; they can't afford it. Many are dying unecessarily every year. Others develop serious health issues that eventually costs the taxpayers more money in the long run. Millions of American children are growing up without proper health care - at risk of developing serious health issues later on in life. I know many Americans in the States, especially Seattle and Portland. They know about the Canadian system - pros and cons - and wished they had it. They are being fed misinformation about the Canadian system by health insurance companies, who are trying to instill fear of it. A rich country as the US has a second world health care system. You say you are a Christian. So, how is it possible that you don't want equality in the health care system. Is this what your God tells you...only for some? Americans often use the expression 'God Bless America'. They should make sure of His blessing by being more generous to its low income and poor families. Morally, good accessible health care should be the basic right of ALL - especially in the rich USA.
2009-06-26 03:35:25
It may appear cheaper at the doctors office but on Tax Day it will be even more expensive to every American ,not just the rich, than it currently is. Universal Health Care for FREE is a load of baloney. Nothing is FREE from the Govt. The Govt. is run on taxes. And more Govt. will need more taxes. I believe I am old enough so this single payer system will not totally effect me but the coming generations are going to get screwed over.
2009-06-25 23:32:23
But the fact is, Einzel, those agencies you mention actually work more or less well most of the time, and do a pretty decent job of what they were designed to do. Thousands of airplanes take off and land in this country every day, and most of 'em get where they're going. I send and receive letters and parcels all the time, and seldom have a problem. And my experience with the Social Security system has been positive and satisfactory. None of those systems are perfect, of course, because they are systems designed and operated by human beings, and few of us ( except maybe you and me ) perform flawlessly a hundred percent of the time. Here's another fact: we pay more for medical services in this country than do the citizens of ANY other nation on earth, including those of Western Europe, which are democracies, and whose citizens could revert to our system of service delivery and billing if they wished to. Do you believe the average citizen in this country receives medical care that is significantly superior to the care received by the average citizen of Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden or the Netherlands? Not likely. We are the ONLY modern, industrialized nation on earth without a national health care system, and some of us believe it's time to change that. Some of you do not. Over the next few years we'll see who can muster the most persuasive arguments. But you guys are playing catch-up, since most surveys on this subject show a pretty consistent majority of folks favor a national health system. So far the right's most successful tactic has been to attempt to make people fearful, which is essentially what your comment does, n'est-ce pas?
2009-06-25 23:12:07
Thanks to Universal Health, swine flu killed nobody in France. People can rapidly be cured even if they don't have any money. So the sickness can't spread a lot. In contrary if you're afraid to be rejected in an hospital you prefer to wait and you trend to infect your neighborhood. It's a losing game for everybody because it becomes more an more expansive to curb the plague. Think of it: lack of Universal Health is very expansive !
2009-06-25 15:57:23
Yep! If you like the Air Traffic Control system, the post office and the Social Security office, just wait until you have stage 2 lymphoma and they tell you, it might be a little while until they can get to you!
2009-06-25 13:43:24
Now that's funny. ;)