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Posted By:observer

Old Comments:

2010-02-01 18:29:41
I love that! It is so good to laugh out loud about something nice someone posts these days. Keep it up.
2010-01-28 08:51:31
..... you're just teezing us....
2010-01-28 08:22:53
Its a Mamatee and minitee
2010-01-28 04:16:37
Your comment was not here when I posted mine... I first wrote "I believe these are manatees" but then changed 'believe' into 'think'. Is that funny or what? ;-)
2010-01-28 04:10:35
I think these are manatees.
2010-01-28 04:05:50
Josef is correct about the location of the teats ..but I believe these are manatees, not walruses...perhaps one of our resident marine biologists will enlighten us...
2010-01-28 03:07:47
It's probably not a kiss. AFAIK walrusses have dugs (or teats) there, so the baby is probably just bein "fin-fed" ;-)