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Posted By:Fiona

Old Comments:

2009-09-13 08:02:59
Thank you so much for your information . This is the valuable member :)
2009-09-10 09:03:57
Nasosus Machedonus (Nasalis larvatus) is also known as the Monyet Belanda in Malay, the Bekantan in Indonesian or simply the Long-nosed Monkey. It is a reddish-brown arboreal Old World monkey that is endemic to the south-east Asian island of Borneo.
2009-09-10 04:19:03
I do so wish the owners of your pictures would give more info, like where did they find this creature and what is it called. Ugly nose is evident; I'd like to know more.5d3e9
2009-09-10 03:57:24
Reminds me of my Grandpaw...we have to assume those noses have some adaptive value...wonder what it could be? Is there a primatologist in the house ?