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Posted By:Persian

Old Comments:

2009-03-04 22:00:01
That kind of language and response is completely inappropriate , ABBA. Try acting like an adult.
2009-03-04 14:08:11
Actually, I live in your mother's basement and fuck her up the ass every night. Did you know that she's a screamer?
2009-03-04 02:49:50
Well, I see others have agreed with me, but will say it anyway. I liked the 2nd one much better, without the car.
2009-03-03 12:18:42
ABBA..lives in his parent's basement and rides a bike..will actually own a car in 2018..
2009-03-03 11:30:41
Especially because the car is a piece of shit
2009-03-03 07:00:12
I agree with the unknown user's opinion. The car ruined it.
2009-03-03 06:21:50
lol ok
2009-03-03 06:09:37
Would be awsome WITHOUT the car!
2009-03-03 06:02:05