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Old Comments:

2011-08-06 21:21:46
No need to apologize, Ludwig. Nobody has time to review all the previous posts except for the obsessed trolls and fanatics who have nothing better to do with their lives.
2011-08-06 21:20:08
cohise on the booze, off his meds!! by the by patito dictator is not patito - it's me
2011-08-06 21:09:42
My oppologies. I am not able to review all images posted, so I try to post ones I find interesting and, I believe at the time, unique.
2011-08-06 19:37:11
You give you away with these serie of comments at this point of time and using this pseudonym. I’m almost sure what are your meanings. Not very clever, Dick.
2011-08-06 18:40:50
While we may not be sure of Ludwig's point, we know about's the shape of your head !
2011-08-06 18:36:34
and your point?
2011-08-06 06:25:08
While not a repost in the strictest sense, there have been two very recent posts of the very same chimp feeding a bottle to the very same tiger cub at the very same location. One of these by cheater and the other by big bird.