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Old Comments:

2008-12-23 07:09:08
At least he is cheating like hell! farhad has upload nearly 3000 pics and only ONE THIRD get popular! Obviously there are not so many people who "enjoy" his boring shit! But he still get 2000 votes in only ONE DAY!! So, if YOU have nothing to say than just shut up!
2008-12-23 02:37:44
that is for OK
2008-12-23 02:27:16
atleast he is posting some nice pics that we all can enjoy,instead of blabbering like u
2008-12-21 23:00:36
Happiness cannot come from without. It must come It is not what we . see and touch or . that which others . do for us . which makes us happy . it is that which we . think and feel and do . first for the other fellow . and then for ourselves. _ Helen Keller ---Thank you Farhad
2008-12-21 22:34:04
Beautiful photos is thank you.