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Old Comments:

2009-05-01 04:41:53
And last but not least, I guess Poppy likes also very much: scoubidou. So mind, you dont forget it !
2009-04-25 07:11:19
THE MYSTERY REVEALED ! Once again info has disappeared; once again I put it in for the last time. So, its now or never. GREAT craftswork by Norm. Beesky. Admired, as you see, by everyone !! Except by Poppy, as you also see. (In fact, shes never satisfied. For Poppy only Candy Doodle, doodelingedoo, snobbery, sentimental doings, gobbledegook and waffle, patchwork, knitting, scrabble-games, accordion, voting-marks and sour collared herrings tells. NO sabre-rattling and the like. So, Ive warned you). See more of this great work on the site of Norm. Beesky on the following address: ( ). And remember, THE address you can take in trust: Cohise. ;-)
2008-09-13 09:21:40
There's more than one light source. The clues are subtle, but there. If the picture hadn't been so carefully lit, I probably would have missed it, but I see both the 'key' and 'fill light' shadows. On the other hand, the model work could have looked flat and unrealistic if not for the perfect lighting.
2008-09-13 06:14:06
Come clean, Just Sayin, give us your reasons! This fooled me 100%! Looking at the other pics (on the site Cohise gave us), the dummy railroadworker was a dead giveaway, but this pic had nothing to my untrained eye that could have yelled 'fake' to me.
2008-09-12 13:06:53
Medford Power Station locomotive No 7745, built by Robert Stephenson & Co in 1953, currently listed as being in Louisville, KY. OK, COHISE, let's have the info & website address!
2008-09-12 12:15:34
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I'm sure this is a model. I won't give my reasons, because I don't want to ruin it for anyone else. This is a masterwork of modeling. My highest compliments!